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Locale.ng is the expert when it comes to online business listings, helping connect millions of consumers with local businesses each month. Locale.ng provides its users with the information they’re looking for — from phone numbers and driving directions to ratings, reviews, and special offers.


Business Description

Leverage business descriptions to localize your brand, share its unique history, and attract more consumers.

Event Calendars

Drive more offline traffic by highlighting special store events and promotions with event calendars.

Key Knowledge

Give consumers the knowledge they seek, including the name, address, and phone number of each of your locations.

Quick Updates

Update your business listings quickly and effortlessly, so that your customers always have the most up-to-date information.

Product & Service Lists

Show your customers your unique offering and specialty with detailed product and services lists.

Photos and Video Content

Make your digital storefront vibrant by showcasing photos and videos of your business and specialties.

Hours of Operation

Seize every micro-moment and make sure your customers know exactly when to find you.

Website URL

Drive more consumers to your webpages by providing a direct link to your website.


Pinpoint your coordinates so consumers know where to find you.


Get a comprehensive view of how consumers interact with your brand