Locale NG is a site that provides exposure and visibility to local businesses, and also an opportunity to engage with a large audience. This site allows users to browse local businesses in an engaging and informative manner and compare prices. Additionally, it provides a platform for honest ratings and reviews to enable a better experience for users.


  • Navigating Through The Site
  • Search Locale.ng on browser
  1. Click ‘what’ to filter out business categories/ search for a business name


  1. Click ‘where’ to filter out locations, then click search.


Once the search is done, the site would bring out registered local businesses that match the search, and then click on desired business.

  • Checking Out A Local Business
  1. Once the desired business has been selected
  2. Check out few uploaded images of the local business at the top of the page
  3. Icons Indication:

Click to share to social media platforms

Click to bookmark the business

Click to add a review and rating

Click for a detailed description/ direction of the location

Click to get a reachable phone number of the local business.

Click for an active whatsapp line

Click expand to get working hours of business

  • Add Business Listing
  1. Click ‘menu’ on the top left of site
  2. Click ‘add listing’
  3. Select the desired plan
  • Business Premium (for added advantage)
  • Free Listing
  1. Fill in necessary details of your business. Then click share & preview.
  2. Click ‘publish’

Then wait for the mail that confirms your business listing has been approved, along with your login details (username & password)

  • Claim Business

Note: You are only required to claim a business that is yours.

  1. Click ‘menu’ on the top left of the site
  2. Click sign in (log in details are attached in the mail sent after listing got approved)
  3. Scroll down to the ‘claim business’ option and click.
  4. Fill in the required details and send (a mail would be sent to confirm the approval).

3.1 How to Review     

  1. Once on the site, sign in/ register
  2. Search for business you want to write a review on
  3. Click on ‘add review’ once on the business page
  4. Give your rating and drop your review and submit.