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Chicken Capitol is located in the heart of Wuse, Abuja, and has been in the business of serving up amazing meals for years. With skilled and experienced staff, Chicken Capitol offers various services such as dine-ins, Take outs, Outdoor catering. We also offer various finger licking meals such as Fried Rice, Jollof Rice, Chicken, French fries (potato chips) and of course, our amazing Shawarma.

For people who like simple, yet well-made meals, there probably is nothing more comforting than a luscious bite that tastes amazing and yet gives total satisfaction.

Voted ABUJAS BEST SHAWARMA by residents of the FCT, Chicken Capitol’s Shawarma is a fantastic way to give yourself and your friends a delicious treat, anytime you want it. Dig into a Shawarma that’s guaranteed to fill your stomach with sheer contentment. Our Shawarmas are made with prime chicken and sausages (optional), seasoned with our finger-licking Shawarma sauce that Chicken Capitol is known for. For those who like to have meals hot and spicy, there is also the added choice of pepper, garlic, and/or cheese.

While most consider Shawarma, French fries and other meals a take-out, Chicken Capitol’s newly opened Lounge and Café just beside the restaurant provides an ambience that will make a visit worth an extended stay