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Soulwrite Empire

Health & Beauty - Beauty Professionals

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Health & Beauty – Beauty Professionals

University of Benin, Benin city, Edo State. Nigeria, Abuja , Abuja

Miss Paragon Global Beauty Pageant Contest


A Paragon is a person of preeminent qualities, someone who acts as a pattern or model of some given quality especially positive quality.

Organizers of Miss Paragon Global (Soulwrite Empire’s Blog) believes that women especially young ladies should not be exploited or commended to a particular cause because she is beautiful and everybody likes her thus the need for a beauty pageant which would aim at empowering women to use their knowledge and learned skills to show just how creative they are in their minds to match the external beauty that catches attention.


Miss Paragon Global is a beauty pageant that is against the idea that looks are superior to a person’s abilities, mindset and heart.

Young women are judged only on the basis of physical appearance neglecting the talent component of competition as a feature of beauty which does not have much weight simply because an “ugly” person (a person who does not have a body fitting with the accepted standards of the time) could never win a beauty pageant contest and in most cases are not allowed to compete at all.

This fact has taken away important character developments out of focus because other qualities such as intelligence, are not considered as part of ideal femininity and therefore not as things to which women should aspire.

This beauty pageantry is a search for beauty and elegance, a national quest for beauty with resourcefulness with the aim of helping to share the stories of the voices that matters but often remain unheard.

Miss Paragon Global is an online beauty pageant where ladies from all round the world come together to contest for who will be the winner of Miss Paragon Global while helping to share of the stories of the voices that matters but often remain unheard.

It is a talent, brain, educative and beauty based competition. Over 100 girls from across the world are expected turn up for this great event.

Audition will commence soon.

Term and Conditions

Soulwrite Empire’s Blog is the owner of this beauty pageant contest and they have reserved right to it and all other names registered in their name.

Soulwrite Empire’s Blog will also set the clothing standards in which contestants will be judged, including the pictures to be submitted by each contestant and the winner of this beauty contest will be called Miss Paragon Global.

Criteria For Miss Paragon Global 

Age range of contestants : 18 – 30years.
Contestant must not be married.
Every Contestant must be virtuous.
Must be available for promotions, besides other criteria
Awards For The Winner Of This Beauty Pageant 2019

Awards for this beauty contest includes titles, tiaras or crowns, sashes, scepters and money prize of Hundred Thousand Naira Cash (N100k)

Sales of Form for this beauty pageant will be out soon on this platform.


Agina Onyebuchi Gideon, A media and Entertainment Blogger, Business Executive is the Founder, Owner and The CEO of Miss Paragon Global, Face Of Soulwrite Empire, Global Models Award, Miss Paragonic and other beauty pageant brands.

For more information 

Contact: +2348174050526
Facebook Page: Soulwrite Empire’s Blog
Instagram page: Soulwrite_Empire_Official
Twitter: Soulwriteempire.com