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SPAQ skin care

Health & Beauty - Beauty Professionals

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Health & Beauty – Beauty Professionals

Lobito crescent wuse 11, FCT Abuja , Abuja , Abuja , Nigeria

When skin products are applied on the skin, they do not end on the skin. The ingredients in the skin products are absorbed into the body. Most components of chemically infused skin products disrupt the collagen fibre which constitutes connective tissue of the skin, damage the kidney and could lead to failure of internal organs in the body. Chemically made skin products block the production of melanin in the body, thereby exposing the skin to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiations that causes skin discolorations, hyper pigmentations, early premature aging of the skin like wrinkles, age spots and predisposes the body to cancer which is an abnormal growth of a part in the body. Check the ingredients in all your skin products from creams, lotions, soaps, scrubs, body wash, makeups, shampoo, hair relaxers etc, if what you see you can not eat them, why then do you feed your skin with what you can not eat, 95% of this products ingredients are toxic and cancerous which gives rise to skin, breast, internal and ovarian cancers. Discuss this with a doctor and be more enlightened to how you are killing your self slowly through what you buy and use! As you are mindful of what goes into your mouth, be extra mindful of what goes into your skin!!! Protect your skin/health by staying clear of chemically infused skin products and cream mixers. Go natural with SPAQ skin care